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Open Matrix library? Is there such a thing?

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Well, like everyone, I suppose, I started off by writing my own vector4f / matrix4f classes. Fine. Got them all sorted and working. Now, optimisation. For Intel and AMD. Yay .. Assembler SSE and 3DNow! stuff to look forward to (nb: I have programmed x86 assembler, but it was a long time ago) Basically .. I''m sure that a LOT of people have already been through this pain, so can anyone point me towards a Vector+Matrix library which they personally use/like. Preferably that can be easily integrated with OGL (i.e. you can extract the data as an array of floats - I expect this applies to all of them, tho ) I am looking into the SSE tutorials etc for this stuff, but would just prefer to be able to use someone else''s (known good) library to do all the optimisation and conditional switching between platforms etc etc. Cheers for any help

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i believe intel has the "small matrix library", you can search it at google...and intel also has the approximate math library too that uses sse/sse2...never used ''em though, but i plan to one day....


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If you don''t mind a unix-oriented C library, look into GSL too.

To quote that page: "The library covers the following areas,
Complex Numbers
Roots of Polynomials
Special Functions
Vectors and Matrices
Permutations Sorting
BLAS Support
Linear Algebra
Fast Fourier Transforms
Random Numbers
Quasi-Random Sequences
Random Distributions
Monte Carlo Integration
Simulated Annealing
Differential Equations
Interpolation Numerical
Chebyshev Approximation
Series Acceleration
Discrete Hankel Transforms
Least-Squares Fitting
Physical Constants
IEEE Floating-Point"

So, it might be overkill .

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