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dll link to another dll

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I''m trying to create a dll that links to another dll in Dev-C++/MinGW, but I get this error message c:\MinGW\myprog\gui.o(.text+0x24):gui.c: undefined reference to `glutDisplayFunc@4'' c:\MinGW\myprog\gui.o(.text+0x43):gui.c: undefined reference to `glutReshapeFunc@4'' c:\MinGW\myprog\gui.o(.text+0x62):gui.c: undefined reference to `glutIdleFunc@4'' Warning: no export definition file provided dllwrap will create one, but may not be what you want C:\MinGW\Bin\dllwrap: gcc exited with status 1 So it can''t find the functions even though I linked it with the option "-lglut32" under "Project->Project Options->Futher linker options". I know this linking works with static libraries, and this compiled fine before I started using glut functions, so is there some problem with having a dll link with another dll?

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