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world weapon vs world item

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Is it more efficient to expect your weapon classes to act also as world entities (derived from CEntity)? Compared to having them derived from a CEquipment class and having a CItem class (which is derived from CEntity) to contain the weapon? Here''s a diagram: Entity --Actor (hold ''Object''s the same way the world does) --Object ----Weapon or: Entity --Actor (hold ''Equipment''s) --Object ----Item (can hold ''Equipment'') Equipment --Weapon Which is better? Thanks in advance, -Shambles

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Depends on how you have things set up.

Personally, this is how i do it:

flag //E_HEALTH, E_GUN1, E_GUN2, E_gun1_ammo etc
Count //ammo amount, health amout etc

The main code comes when the player actually touches the item.
Depending on the flag, we load it differently. IE a health gives health, E_GUN1 would set our gun flag for that spot to "true"

This is pretty much like the q1/q2/q3 way of doing things.. or atleast that''s where i learned it.


Colt "MainRoach" McAnlis

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