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Eliminating gluPerspective(...) call

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G''day ladies and gentlemen. I am making a little OpenGL game (I admit, it''s my first one... ) I now have something that mostly works. There is just one thing that bothers me. I have this ONE function call in the entire program that makes it dependant on the glu library: gluPerspective(45.0f, (GLfloat)display->width / (GLfloat)display->height, 0.1f, 2048.0f); There should be a way to implement the same functionality using regular OpenGL calls, right? I read somewhere glFrustum(...) might be relevant to this, but I couldn''t get it working (found no good examples). Anyone care to help?

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search for the mesa sourcecode, and browse there to find it''s implementation of gluPerspective..

"take a look around" - limp bizkit

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Hmm. isn''t it just (pseudocode)

myPerspective( angle, ratio, near, far ) {
v = near * tan(angle);
u = v * ratio;

ratio = width/height

er .. I think ''angle'' here might be half that you''d normally pass to gluPerspective

/me afks to test theory if he has time.

btw .. use any of my wacky suggestions at your own peril

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void MyPerspective(float fov, float aspect, float nr, float fr) {
if (use_glu) {
} else {
float v = nr * tan((fov/2)*(pi/180));
float u = v * (aspect);

naive proof of concept seems to work as expected.

Note that it's tan(fov/2) and don't forget that tan() takes radians not degrees (like I did )

use_glu is (kinda obviously) a global boolean I use to swap between gluPerspective and my code at runtime.

Interestingly, when I swap to my code, any glut rendered objects (glutSolidSphere and glutSolidCube) disappear*. Presumably gluperspective does something else, too. Didn't notice any problems with lighting/texturing or anything else (tho it's a VERY simple app I tested with).

Edit: this is my dodgy code, nothing to do with glu/glut at all.

[edited by - SimbobX on November 5, 2002 9:29:53 AM]

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