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Ricardo Portugal

Ideas for a racing game

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Well I have a few things that I like in racing games:

- Make more goals than just racing (i.e. Beetle Adventure Racing)

- Lots of shortcuts (San Francisco Rush)

- Track editor like Re-Volt (if possible)

Good luck!


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Hi, I really like a game for Dreamcast called "Cart championship" or somthing like that its from sega, maybe you should check it.

By other hand I am interesed in learn how to program a race game, I mean could you tell me which formulas do I need to program it, or if any one could tell me about one Race game source code?



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Most importantly, make your game FUN! I think it doesn''t have to be that realistic, if it''s fun. I''d like something like Burnin'' Rubber (a great C64-game, remember it?).. The cars should have special features, like one could jump, one couls shoot, and so on.. But all the things the other people said here are important too. Just don''t make another Grand Turismo.. It''s not fun..


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great idea to make a racing game! I''ve got some ideas though, here''s what i think the game should have:

- Many different courses
- Goals in each level (not just finishing the race)
- Weapons or items
- At least 1 special technique for each car (like invisiblity or transportaion)
- A car editor (a place to change the color and designs on your ccar)

If your a beginning programer i hope i didn''t overwhelm you with things you should have for it to be good. Those were just some things you might want to try adding to the game.

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I think that the racetracks are stored as bezier curves/splines. As for forking tracks, the individual polygons that make up the track may have indices to which "fork" they belong to; I really don''t know what the preferred method is. I would assume that you would tell who was in what place by figuring out which was closest to the nearest "node" in the track, or who was on the highest "node" in the track. (By node I mean a control point on the bezier/spine.) If you need any more help post a question here or email me.

(P.S. I have the formulas for certain types of collision detection against polygonal terrain, if you need them. Nothing too fancy, but might be helpful.)

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