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General D3D Engine Question

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I''m using DX8, but i guess this probably could apply to OpenGL. Anyhoo, can anyone give some general tips to constructing a graphics engine? For example, would you encapsulate each object into its own class which would have its own index and vertex buffer, a way for it to render, etc.? Do most people use index buffers to hold multiple objects? etc... etc... i''m just starting out on this stuff, and i was curious about general tips like the above two questions (and anything else anyone cares to offer). Apolgies in advance if there is another area this is discussed - i couldn''t find it. "You call him Dr. Grip, doll!"

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there are many documents out there and sample applications around
I would suggest that you create a few programs that do something.. anytyhing.. a box or what-have-you ..

from there you might start looking at other game engine code. and you''ll begin to see the structure of a game more and more and slowly will have confidence in your game decisions.
I would say don''t get worried about perfection first time around, or second, or third. Don''t always worry about the best or fastest solution. Or the slickest way of doing something. Just do something. If you keep pushing.. things come together.
For $100 you can purchase the tribes two engine from www.garagegames.com I bought it for learning... not to build a game off of. It is a great learning experience, as it holds code for everything in a ''AAA rated'' game. lol i never played tribes2.. but i bought the engine. COUGH sidebar

sorry if i ramble. I''m someone out there thinks i went on a tangent. But whatever.
Your questions will be answered in working with code.
Hope this helps,

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