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Mac OpenGL info

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I''ve been coding w/OpenGL for a while now using GLUT. It''s fine for doing quick demos and stuff, but I wanted to do a Mac-specific demo using Gamma fades, etc. So I figured out how to use DrawSprocket and AGL (and InputSprocket too, which means my demos can use any input device that will work one a Mac!). But, I''ve run into a few problems, most importantly I can''t get depth testing (maybe z-buffering too, I haven''t checked yet) to work. Anybody have any ideas? (Yes I''ve enabled GL_DEPTH_TEST) Morgan

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OpenGL is multi-platform for the most part, and your question only deals with setting up depth-buffering. The point is that your title is misleading into letting one believe your question is Mac specific, as would be, let''s say, using fonts. Any implementation not supporting z-buffering would not respect the OpenGL standard, therefore would not get the liscence to use the "OpenGL" name, so it *has* to work.

BTW, does your card supports Z-buffering ?(stupid question, I know...)

Does any z-buf. tutorial works on your machine (I know there are some which have been ported to the MacOS)?

Eric Laberge

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