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C++ and C#

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Yes, C++ and C#(CSharp) are slightly different languages. I don't know much about CSharp though, but I hear from others that it's pretty good...though I don't think it's as good as C++ when it comes to game designing.

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This may sound bold, but stick with C++. Look around the forums and see why.

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Yes, they''re two different languages. They share similar syntax, but they''re used for different purposes.

C# is a .NET language, and is used for .NET programming. If you want to build Windows applications with ease, I''d suggest learning this langauge.

C++ lacks many of the new features in C# (garbage collection, interfaces, etc.), but is typically faster for game programming. If you plan on doing more game programming, learn this language.

Having programmed in both, I can say that C# is conceptually more similar to Java than it is to C++. If you program well in Java and in C++, then picking up C# is a breeze. Also, if you''re used to doing Windows Apps using the Win32 API or MFC, using C# and .NET will make your life much easier.

Hopes this helps.

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