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odd RPG skill system

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I have an idea thats not too advanced, something for an ameteur production, but I''m bringing it here to see what downfalls I may have overlooked. The idea works off of a merging of Item and Magic lists into a single thing. The player starts with some small amount of non-lethal and useful ''Arcana'' (the name I''ll use.) Each usage subtracts one from the active charge, but leaves the total owned alone. (the refilling part I haven''t quite figured out, besides returning to town and buying charge.) Anyways, you have a total and remaining number. The item hunting part of the game increasing the total (giving you more charge.) I get control over how much of each the player gets, the player has to manage the resource. What am I missing? -> Will Bubel -> Machine wash cold, tumble dry.

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But Diablo has been made ... three or four years ago and their "arcana" was called "magic" .

If you can''t come with anything new ... well where''s the fun in it?

Add some slight variations to the theme!

Let him lose the arcana.
Let him trade it
Let him steal it from the creatures.
Let him battle with it.

If it is to be a game that evolves around "arcana". SO LET THE PLAYER DO SOMETHING WITH IT!

I absolutely HATE the red-water-blue-water concept in MANY so-called RPGs:

If the blue water runs out ... drink blue bottle.
If the red water runs out ... drink red bottle.
(If both run out ... drink yellow/pink/green bottle )

OUCH! ... this insults me that much, that I play Diablo only to motivate myself to GET TO WORK on my own game.

P.S.: Both Diablo titles were technically well done, but ... the gameplay ? Hey ... where''s the gameplay!

Petr Stedry

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