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Methods of Head Modeling - Question on Efficency

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Okay... I''ve been modeling heads till I puke in my current 3d animation class. Used a couple of different methods... Starting with a Sphere, starting with a cube, and creating the geometry as you go along. Then there is also the difference between starting with a cube that already is segmented, or segmenting a 6 sided cube yourself with Knife cuts. Sphere makes shaping the head better, but makes the face harder to model. Cube makes the face easier to model, but the head much harder. Creating the geometry yourself gives very pleasing results (particularly around the eye) but is a pain in the @$$ and often you get some "sticky" areas. And, as far as the last method I mentioned, I never have any luck with starting with a cube that is already segmented, yet most tutorials I find suggest starting that way? So, how does everyone else model heads? Pros/Cons of each method etc. Right now, I''m leaning towards starting with a 6 polygon cube. - T

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