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Rendering Video To A Surface

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Ok first off I''ll get this out in the open...I''m using VB! Hopefully u guys didn''t fall off your chair. Anyway, I know VB is not a good language for programming games but this is only my second program period and I find C to be confusing as all sweet hell. Here is the problem: I can not figure out how to play a video in Direct3D full screen mode. At first I wanted to render the movie to a texture, but the only samples I could find were written in VB and seemed to be grabbing frames as bmp''s and passing a pointer to it in memory. Anyway a C dll is beyond me so I would be satisfied with just an "overlay" video. I have tried many things but at best it just plays in the background. Anyway if anyone here knows how this can be done it would be greatly appreciated. Or if you know it can''t be done that would at least save me some time. Documentation on DirectShow for VB sux. don''t make fun of me for using VB i''ll learn C next

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Unfortunately i cant help you with your prob, but i can encourage you (i hope), by saying that i have a DX8 Engine that uses VB as well. I can code C as well, and despite what you may think now, C is only marginally different from VB. As long as you discipline yourself and make sure you learn good coding habits. (like never, ever using variants)

Back to my VB engine. After a ton of work i have my engine rendering 100+ objects (not sure how many polys but im sure it''s plenty) with a skybox and a good chunk of non engine, game related code, at around 200FPS. Now if your target platform is say a 700mhz p2, with a non-hardware accelerated video card then you''re probably barking up the wrong tree. But if your platform is more like my Dev system. 1.6ghz P4, 128mb ATI(damn bastards)8500, 1028mgs DDR Ram, and you can mentally restrict yourself to those types of platforms then you can code up a great engine that will run some serious 3d games. so get to coding

Also, DX has a DirectShow library in the SDK, in this there is a sample program that will play Full Motion Video(FMV), check it out.

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