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What' the best: isometric or dimetric?

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I' m currently designing an amateur Real Time Strategy game (two dimensionnal). The world will be totally flat (no hills, heights...), except there will be walls tall enough to block units and unit's fire (So walls that are approximately as tall as the 'average' unit). The maps will be elongated rectangles (say for example with 1024(in x)*768(in y) resolution: 3 screens for y and 30 screens for x: an approximately 10:1 ratio). I want to avoid the "units hidden behind a wall" syndrome as much as possible. Which of these perspective systems do you think is the best for the current purpose? 1)Isometric. 2)Dimetric. edit: BTW, I solved my problem, so I don't need answers. While(game.quality == good) play(); [edited by - bahamas on November 17, 2002 4:52:17 AM]

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