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Sina Jafarzadeh

Beat 'em Up Mod Project for UT2003

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Hey Folks! I''m a 19 year old student from Germany who want to become a Game Designer... After speaching with some Game Designers, who give me the advice to create levels or mods for popular games, I decide to make a beat ''em up mod for UT2003. So... If you think you are talented as a... Conceptual Artist, 2D Artist (Textures), 3D Artist (Fighter Modells, Objects, Levels or Animations), Programmer (UT modifications) or... Musician (SoundFX or Background Music)... And if you are interested in this idea and want to be part of this project... Contact me! For ICQ User: 173453497 For others : Thanks... Sina Jafarzadeh

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This topic is now closed to further replies.