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Weird problem!!

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I amd eveloping my game on my laptop, which has an ATI radeon m6 16mb (no TL), crap yes I know but on my desktop pc I have no vc++ yet. So, ecerything works great on my ati, but when I try to run my program on any other pc (i tried it on 3-4, nvidia pcs btw.) my lighting wouldnt work and the FPS are generally lower tahn the laptop''s fps. When I say that lighting isnt working, GL_LIGHTING is enabled, I cans ee that, but the lights arent moving (i have set a random mopvement) and they arent colored. Anyone had this problem before? www.y3knetwork.com/rendertech <-here is my demo, I would be happy if someone could try it with an ATI card and told me if it works. Thanks a lot

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Hi aker_jus,

I have an ATI Radeon 8500 and everything is going fine...
May be you problem is the laptop (or the software installed on it). Are the OpenGL-Drivers the same?


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It seems that it works on ATIs as I have tested on one more and it works. I have the latest detonators for win98 (desktop pc) and other pcs have the same problem. The laptop is ok, everything works fine. Nvidia isnt working. If I get vc++ on my desktop and compile from an nvidia card could it solve the problem?

I am not sure why this happens, as I am not using an ATI specific code.

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sure. But the problem isnt the lighting, I dont know what it is.
float pos[] = {20,0,0};
float col[] = {1,0,0,1};

glLightfv(GL_LIGHT0, GL_POSITION, pos);
glLightfv(GL_LIGHT1, GL_DIFFUSE, col);

That''s it. I tried it one one more pair ATI/Nvidia and on the first one worked.

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