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Drawing a polygon in Dx8 Problem!

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OK ive spent the past few hours trying to work out the problem with my DrawPolygon function. Here it is:
void DrawPolygon(C2DVert *pVert,int NumVerts,IDirect3DDevice8*device)
	VOID* Vertices = NULL;
	IDirect3DVertexBuffer8 *pVB;

	//create the vertex buffer

	if(device->CreateVertexBuffer(NumVerts*sizeof(C2DVert), 0, FVF2D_PLAIN,
											D3DPOOL_DEFAULT, &pVB)!=D3D_OK)
		MessageBox(NULL,"Error Creating Vertex Buffer","Error",MB_OK);

	//lock and copy the square

	if(pVB->Lock(0, 0, (BYTE**)&Vertices, 0)!=D3D_OK)
		MessageBox(NULL,"Error Locking","Error",MB_OK);

	memcpy(Vertices, pVert, sizeof(pVert));



	device->SetStreamSource(0, pVB, sizeof(C2DVert));

	if(device->DrawPrimitive(D3DPT_LINELIST , 0, NumVerts/2) != D3D_OK)
		MessageBox(NULL,"Error Drawing Primative","Error",MB_OK);

	pVB = NULL;
Heres my fvf and vertex class
// 2d vertex


class C2DVert 
	float m_x,m_y,m_z;
	float m_rhw;
	DWORD diffuse;

	void set(float x, float y, DWORD colour)
		m_x = x;
		m_y = y;
		m_z = 0.5;
		m_rhw = 1.0;
		diffuse = colour;
and heres how i call the function

	pPoly[0].set(20, 20,D3DCOLOR_ARGB(255,255,0,0));

NOTE: I know i dont set the vertex shader here, because i do it somwhere else, and that isnt the problem as i have otherfunctions which render without vertex buffers and they work fine. Thanks for your help in advance. Ash

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It could be this line that is wrong:

memcpy(Vertices, pVert, sizeof(pVert));

sizeof(pVert) is *NOT* equal to the number of vertices you wish to copy. You will need something along the lines of:

memcpy(Vertices,pVert,numVerticesToCopy * sizeof(C2DVert));


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