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Gamma ramp problem

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Hello, I''ve got a little problem with gamma ramps. I wanted to use it for a simple fade-in and fade-out. First, I just did some experiments, but even the following code failed: D3DGAMMARAMP D3DGammaOld; ZeroMemory(&D3DGammaOld,sizeof(D3DGAMMARAMP)); lpD3DDevice->GetGammaRamp(&D3DGammaOld); lpD3DDevice->SetGammaRamp(0, &D3DGammaOld); When I do this, the ENTIRE screen gets black(!) although my program does not use full-screen mode. In my opinion, there should not be any change at all as I simply apply the gamma ramp that was used before. Any idea what could be wrong? I don''''t need any signature ;-)

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