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any good tutorials on console commands?

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Hi, I''m working on programming my first c++ console game, and there are alot of things I''d like to be able to do, but I''m not sure how. For example: -I want to be able to prompt the user for a single char, and then once they press a key, read the char and continue, as opposed to waiting for them to press enter. -On a very related note, I want to have a "press any key to continue" command. Anyone know how to do this, or a good tutorial?

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Well... as you''re using c++, here is a reeeeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy simple program that combines those two things:

#include <iostream.h>
#include <conio.h>

void main()
char c1;

cout << "Char -> ";
cin >> c1;

cout << "Char was " << c1 << endl;
cout << "Press any key to continue..." << endl;

cout << "Finish...Bye...";

if you''re looking for tutorials, there''s nothing a search with google can''t solve:


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a) It depends on your platform - C++ has no notion of keyboard or console, only streams, and the standard behaviour of the run-time library is to wait for a carriage return before providing the data to the streams.

b) On MS platforms, look at the conio.h header. On Unix platform, look at the ncurses.h header.

c) Don''t ever use <iostream.h> - despite the fact that many C++ books use it, it is not a C++ header. Use <iostream>

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