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Danger Boy

Is Animation Vital in Game Design?

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Hello Everyone, I am a Studying Animation, Art and Design at a local University and I am currently working on a research paper. The topic of the paper is the importance of animation in Video Games. My below questions to you are the four determining factors in deciding how important the Quality of animation is to a Gamer when she/he is deciding to purchase and play a new title. If you answer one question , please answer the other three, and answer all of them with only one response please. The three factors have to do with (1) your preference in game design, (2) your occupation, (3) what type of game Genre you prefer, and (4) the dominant Platform you use. PLEASE, RESPOND TO ALL 4 QUESTIONS IN THIS POLL -- Thank You! When responding please just write the chosen answer for each question. For example Question 1 answer A would be Q1-A1. Question (1) A. As a Video Gamer, you will choose to buy and play a particular title based on the quality of animation in the game regardless of the playability and interactivity of the experience. B. The playability and interactivity of the experience of a video game is the determining factor for you as a Gamer when choosing to purchase and play a title regardless of the quality of animation in it. C. When choosing to buy and play a title, you as a Video gamer will base your decision equally on the quality of animation, the game's playability and the interactivity of the experience. Question (2) What is Your current occupation? A. Student B. Unemployed C. Creative (Artist, Architect, Illustrator, Animator, Layout Design, General Design, etc...) E. Professional (Doctor, Lawyer, Accountant, Sales Person, etc...) F. Technical (Carpenter, Plumber, Electrician, Engineer, Programmer, IT, etc...) G. Education (Teacher, Professor, Trainer, Instructor of any kind, etc...) H. Other - Please Specify Question (3) When deciding to purchase and/or play a Video Game, what is the Genre of game you typically choose to play? A. No Preference B. Action C. Adventure D. Fighting E. Sports F. RPG G. 1st, 2nd, 3rd Person Shooter H. Puzzle I. Strategy J. Simulation Question (4) When Playing Video Games, what is the Platform you most frequently play on? A. PC B. Playstation C. PS2 D. Game Cube E. XBOX F. GameBoy and GameBoy Advanced G. PDA Thanks in advance for your interest in this poll and your help in generating the results I need, and any additional insight, comments, or thoughts you wish to share in regards to this topic are very much welcomed. [edited by - Danger Boy on November 10, 2002 8:45:11 PM]

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Question (1) - Unless piracy is the norm in your country non of the options will be known about a game prior to purchase. However, if I did have to answer, I say none of yours. I buy games based on the experience it gives.

Question (2) - C & E & F & G & H (The world is rarely that well defined.

Question (3) - Genres are a marketing term. See answer question 1

Question (4) - PC/XBOX and a couple of others you dont list.

Other Comments : I believe your argument that a backend technical aspect will influence the frontend buyer is flawed. Additionally, you do not define the game market you are askig questions in. THe majority of the game market is not technical and is unaware of what a animation is other than a cartoon. The hardcore market is very savvy and very small. The console market is very much focused on a particular age bracket. The sharewware market again is different.

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1) B
2) A
3) J
4) A

Realistically, I usually have no real idea what the quality of the animation in a game is until I buy it, hence B for question one. If, on the other hand, I have a chance to try a demo, then it depends on what you mean by animation - framerates? model animations? fluidity? quantity? aesthetics? If I know all these things, then framerate heavilly impacts my decision to buy a game, but the others have a much smaller impact.

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