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Device Contexts and CBitmap

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Hey, its me again, still working on that same program, only a different problem. What I have here is a CBitmap (lets call it m_bBitmap), and a CObList name m_list. What im trying to do is take m_bBitmap and divide it into smaller CBitmaps, and place all the smaller CBitmap''s into the CObList. This is my code:
CDC workDC;
workDC.SelectPalette(&m_pPalette, false);
int x , y , z;
for(y = 0; y < m_nBitmapHeight; y++)
   for(x = 0; x < m_nBitmapWidth; x++)
	    CBitmap *bWork = (CBitmap *)new CBitmap;
					            bWork->CreateCompatibleBitmap(&dc, m_nTileWidth, m_nTileHeight);
	    CBitmap *old = workDC.SelectObject(bWork);
	    workDC.BitBlt(0,0, m_nTileWidth, m_nTileHeight, &memDC, x*m_nTileWidth, y*m_nTileHeight, SRCCOPY);
					delete bWork;
Above, memDC contains the CBitmap i want to cut-up, and dc is a divide context i created using
CClient dc(NULL); 
My entire problem is that after i do the "cuting up", i try to draw all the little CBitmap''s into a CStatic, but all the CBitmap''s just contain grey. I know i loaded the bmp file right becuase when i draw the big CBitmap, it works, but it won''t draw any of the smaller CBitmaps. Here''s the code for that part:
CString temp;
	CBitmap* m_bBitmap;
	m_cCombo.GetLBText(m_cCombo.GetCurSel(), temp);
		pDoc->TemplateMain.m_pos = pDoc->TemplateMain.m_listGraphics.FindIndex(m_cCombo.GetCurSel());
		m_bBitmap = (CBitmap *)pDoc->TemplateMain.m_listGraphics.GetAt(pDoc->TemplateMain.m_pos);

m_cPreview is the CStatic, and m_cCombo is a combo box used to reference the CObList. What am i doing wrong?

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