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Getting involed with Editors.

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I want to learn how to build games by using editors like UnrealEd and scripting languages.What should I learn from the qualification point of view and which editor,scripting language is the best and most used in the gaming industry?How easy is to find work with the above criteria?Any advice would be appreciated. [edited by - Stranger on November 18, 2002 6:40:12 AM]

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Well, you can''t build a whole game using only a game editor and their scripting languages. For example, UnrealEditor is custom made for making levels specificly for Unreal. The levels that you make with UnrealEd will work only for Unreal. Also the levels that you make with UnrealEd will depend on the Unreal game. Someone who does not have unreal will not be able to play the level. All game editors work this way. WorldCraft would be another example. It only makes level for HalfLife and Quake2. You cannot make independent games with one of these editors.
The scripting works the same way. They are specific to the game that they were made for.

If you want to make levels that are dependent on a games engine, I could only suggest looking at which engines you like the best and then using the level editor and scripting language that was made for it.

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You might also consider seeking employment as a level designer. When games like Starcraft, Unreal, etc. are released, they come with many pre-existing levels. Those levels were created by a level designer.

Basically a level designer works on a game project while it''s in development. He uses the new level editors and scripts the programmers have coded, to create game levels for the new game.

Check out the Game Design Forum, and ask around. Someone will point you in the right direction. Good luck!

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or visit the mod forum here
In fact,the power of mod tools is more than we think,you can make new levels(with the level editors),make new textures(with photoshop),make new models(with 3dmax,milkshape),or even make a whole new game(with released source code and SDKs)based on the engine.
Welcome to the world of MOD
If you're not rich,then you can always find free mod tools.
For example,as far as I know,all of the level editors shall be bound with the game;if you can't afford to buy photoshop,you can use paintshop demo;milkshape is good enough for modelling,and gmax is free to download;VC++ for student is very cheap(you use vc++ to compile your codes into dlls)
But the game you make with mod tools may be good enough to beat those made by professional designers.

[edited by - Levelworm on November 20, 2002 2:15:18 AM]

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