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Help selecting Methedology..

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Hi all, Im developing a generic TCP/IP server component for a uni project, the aim is to produce an optimised win32 server component. Technologies are not currently an issue, but I need to decide on a decent aproach (programming language and methedology) and I would really apreciate any input from the profesionals I need to decide which programming language to use (could be OO, or possibly procedural and make it a DLL) I also need to decide on a design methedology and life cycle (eg UML, Yordon etc) I appreciate any input thanks

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What sort of component - what''s it going to do?

If you want a high through-put or minimal latency tcp server then you want to take advantage of NT specific features such as IO completion ports and memory mapped files. I think XP actually added a Win32 API call that lets the OS handle transferring a file over tcp.

I would consider using the ACE framework (which would mean C++) for the network code. You can write an http 1.0 server in about fifteen minutes with it. ACE is free and portable as well.

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