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link error...unresolved blah blah

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Hi. I keep on getting this link error
error LNK2001: unresolved external symbol "public: int __thiscall CParticle::Update(float)" (?Update@CParticle@@QAEHM@Z)
The strange thing is that I only get it when I put the Definition in it''s own .CPP file. If I leave the definition in the header file itself....nothing goes wrong!! why is this happening?
//My header file

class CParticle

   BOOL Update(float fTime);
   //...More stuff


//My cpp file

#include "particle.h"
BOOL CParticle::Update(float fTime)
   // Do stuff

I dont get it. this is the first time Im getting an error like this. thanks for any help
[Triple Buffer] - Resource leak imminent. Memory status: Fragile

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