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All that hardware stuff.

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Where can I learn... what a cache hit / miss are? what branch predictions are / how they work? the number of cycles the different assembly calls take? how the os (windows) manages memory? how memory paging works? I''ve read lots of articles about STLPort / new compiler optimizations and many of these concepts came up, and I was clueless. Also, I''d like to be able to write code that avoids cache misses / branch mispredictions / unneccessary paging, etc... What are some good resources to learn this sort of stuff, I''ve been looking for a while but I can''t really find anything directed at a programmer.

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Use Google!

You may want to try is to pick up a good book on computer architecture. The Patterson and Hennessy book is often cited, but I can''t vouch for how good it is as I''ve never actually sat down and read it.

Learning assembly language is a good way to get the ball rolling. It''ll help you understand how computers work if you keep at it for long enough.


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