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Game Model Exporter

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I discovered that the best way to create game objects is either by making your own 3d modeler or by writing an exporter plugin for a damn expensive commercial package, like Maya or 3DS MAX. But the SDK documentation that comes with these packages are not clever in teaching how to write plugins. Is there on the net any good tutorial, book, ... that TEACHES how to write plugins? Thanks.

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Books about writing exporters are thin on the ground/non-existant.

Most of the knowledge is passed down in forums and conferences, particularly those run by the manufacturers of the professional modelling packages.

The usual way to get into this stuff is:

1) learn the package as a user (familiarise yourself with its terminology, what it can/can''t do etc).

2) experiment with any scripting languages it offers (e.g. MaxScript). These DO have books available for them and give you a taste of the programming interfaces available in the full SDK.

3) modify the exporter samples in the SDK and from other places to add your own features or file formats.

4) write your own - with support from the package vendor (forums, newsgroups, ADN etc)

Also look out for (Google):

- "Flexporter" - does the hard package integration stuff for you.

- Herb Marselas''s papers, source and articles about exporters and tools on Gamasutra, from GDC, from Meltdown.

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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