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Parsing XML with Xerces

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Hello. I'm trying to change my track file format to use XML. This is track.xml:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>

  <name>Default Track</name>
  <made_by>Stefan Brockmann</made_by>
    <size width="300" height="30"/>
    <heightmap file="hmap.tga"/>
	<texture file="tex.tga"/>
	<detail file="detail.tga"/>
    <pos id="0" x="142" y="30" dir="160"/>
    <pos id="1" x="152" y="20" dir="160"/>
    <pos id="2" x="162" y="28" dir="170"/>
    <pos id="3" x="172" y="18" dir="170"/>
    <pos id="4" x="182" y="27" dir="180"/>
    <pos id="5" x="192" y="18" dir="180"/>
    <pos id="6" x="202" y="27" dir="180"/>
    <pos id="7" x="212" y="18" dir="180"/>
    <pos id="8" x="222" y="27" dir="180"/>
    <pos id="9" x="232" y="18" dir="180"/>
    <texture file="gridpos.tga"/>
    <pos id="0" x1="105" y1="30" x2="140" y2="50"/>
    <pos id="1" x1="45" y1="270" x2="90" y2="265"/>
    <pos id="2" x1="248" y1="295" x2="248" y2="260"/>
    <texture file="checkpoint.tga"/>
    <obj mesh="stone.mesh" x="110" y="50" dir="90" h="0"/>
    <obj mesh="stone.mesh" x="120" y="50" dir="140" h="0"/>
    <obj mesh="stone.mesh" x="130" y="50" dir="45" h="0"/>
The problem is that I don't know hopw to get all elements using Xerces. Here's one example what I have tried:

DOMImplementationLS *impl = DOMImplementationRegistry::getDOMImplementation(X("XML 1.0 Traversal"));
DOMBuilder *parser = ((DOMImplementationLS*)impl)->createDOMBuilder(DOMImplementationLS::MODE_SYNCHRONOUS,0);
DOMDocument *doc = parser->parseURI(X("track.xml"));
DOMNodeList *l = doc->getElementsByTagName(X("pos"));
for(int i=0; i<l->getLength(); i++)
	DOMNode *node = l->item(i);
	cout << "NodeName: " << (char *)node->getNodeName() << endl;
	cout << "NodeType: " << node->getNodeType() << endl;
	node = node->getNextSibling();
This is one what I tried, but I can't get anything out of it. And doc->getDocumentElement() return null, so what's the problem here? I get no exceptions or anything. [edited by - stefu on November 19, 2002 4:31:14 PM]

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//XML data is stored as a tree, were each node may contain 0-n sub-nodes.
//To parse this type of data you should use a recursive method that will
//process only one node and call the same method for each possible sub-nodes.
//This is a rough method skeleton for that:

void RecursiveParser(DOMNode* pNodeElement)
DOM_Node SubNode;

//Process this node
printf("Node name: %s", (char *)node->getNodeName());
printf("Node Type: %s", node->getNodeType());

//Get the first node
SubNode = pNodeElement.getFirstChild();

//For each sub nodes
while(SubNode != 0)
//Call the same method on this node

//Move to the next node
SubNode = pNodeElement.getNextSibling();

//To use this method just call it by passing the base node of your XML doc
//(This code was strip down for readability)

DOMParser* Parser = 0;
DOM_Node DomDoc;
DOM_Node FirstNode;

//Create a parser
Parser = new DOMParser;

//Get the first child node
DomDoc = Parser->getDocument();
FirstNode = DomDoc.getFirstChild();

//Call the method

//Hope this can help

"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
- Albert Einstein

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Thanks. Some progression:

I get segmentation fault in this line:

//printf("Node Type: %s\n", pNodeElement->getNodeType());

I commented it and it run, but all print out was:
Node name: t
Node name: #

I use XercesDOMParser.

What might be wrong? Is my XML-file ok? I run it throught DOMPrint sample application and it told:
Message: The XML or Text declaration must start at line/column 1/1
So I fizxed it and after that DOMPrint sample run through it.

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This is harder than I thought. Using printf caused egmentation fault, weird.

I changed part of above code to:

char* nodename = XMLString::transcode(pNodeElement->getNodeName());
cout << "NodeName=" << nodename << endl;
delete [] nodename;
cout << "NodeType=" << pNodeElement->getNodeType() << endl;

And now it prints out:

That''s correct now. But that''s not all it should print.


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Now I added Error handler and...
Error: Line: 3, Col: 8, Message: Unknown element ''track''
Error: Line: 4, Col: 9, Message: Unknown element ''name''
Error: Line: 5, Col: 12, Message: Unknown element ''made_by''
Error: Line: 7, Col: 12, Message: Unknown element ''terrain''
Error: Line: 8, Col: 36, Message: Unknown element ''size''
Error: Line: 8, Col: 36, Message: Attribute ''{}width'' is not declared for element ''size''
Error: Line: 8, Col: 36, Message: Attribute ''{}height'' is not declared for element ''size''
Error: Line: 9, Col: 33, Message: Unknown element ''heightmap''
Error: Line: 9, Col: 33, Message: Attribute ''{}file'' is not declared for element ''heightmap''
Error: Line: 10, Col: 27, Message: Unknown element ''texture''

But those errors were remover by removing: parser->setValidationScheme(XercesDOMParser::Val_Always);

No there''s no errors, but it doesn''t work. All nodes it prints out are:

This really is eating me
Isn''t there really any tutorial available. Just simply how to get
tag named "aaa" and get attribute values.
All I need now is this and I''m just fighting to understand why xerces not working.
There are API Docs, sample code how to create parser and call parser->parse("") but why can''t they tell how to read parsed document???

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Hmm, you must have fun reading this monologue (if anyone is reading)

I found that everything works fine if I remove all spaces and line changes from the XML file.

This works:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<test><inner id="ohoo">HELLO</inner></test>

These dont:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<test> <inner id="ohoo">HELLO</inner> </test>

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<inner id="ohoo">HELLO</inner>

Hope someone can help me.

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I''m still a bit confused on exactly what you are trying to do. Do you just want to read the values of the elements? Here''s some code that I have in my engine XML wrapper:

// set up our parsing booleans

bool bDoNamespaces = false;
bool bDoSchema = false;
bool bDoFullChecking = false;
bool bCreateReferenceNodes = false;

// validation schemes

DOMParser::ValSchemes valSchemes = DOMParser::Val_Auto;

// try to initialize Xerces

catch( const XMLException &pXMLException )
// convert our message to a string

string sMsg = "magXMLConfig XML Exception: ";
sMsg += (char*)pXMLException.getMessage();
// throw our message

throw sMsg;

// create a new IDOMParser

m_pParser = new DOMParser();

// set up our parser

m_pParser->setValidationScheme( valSchemes );
m_pParser->setDoNamespaces( bDoNamespaces );
m_pParser->setDoSchema( bDoSchema );
m_pParser->setValidationSchemaFullChecking( bDoFullChecking );
m_pParser->setCreateEntityReferenceNodes( bCreateReferenceNodes );

// parse our file

m_pParser->parse( m_sXMLFileName.c_str() );

// find our element

// ok get our DOM_NodeList

DOM_NodeList foundNodes = GetElementsByName( sElementName );

// now we need to pull the value off of the first element

DOM_Node selectedNode = foundNodes.item(0);

// check our node''s type, make sure its actually an element

if( selectedNode.getNodeType() == DOM_Node::ELEMENT_NODE )
// we have an element, get it''s first child ( the text )

DOM_Node nodeText = selectedNode.getFirstChild();

// now check it''s value

if( nodeText != NULL && nodeText.getNodeType() == DOM_Node::TEXT_NODE )
// we have our value now pull our value off

DOMString sValue = nodeText.getNodeValue();
sElementValue = sValue.transcode();

} else {
// we don''t have a text node?

string sMsg = "Text node not found.";
throw sMsg;

Hope that helps.


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Heh, I can already get all nodes (like you showed above), but now the only problem is that XML-files can''t have whitespaces.

(Btw. what is DOMParser, it doesnät exist in current Xerces-C 2.1.0 api documentation. Are you using deprecated api?

I read Xerces mail archive and one said that there are two options:
- remove all whitespaces from XML-documents (not possible, because I write them by hands)
- use DTD to define whitespaces meaningless (DTD??)
So I don''t like another one of those ways.

Using Xerces is like running from problem to problem. I understand very well people who write own parsers. Simple parser can be done in much less time than learning to use for exapmle xerces. I think I too should have just wrote own parser. I''v already wasted too much time with this, they are just so damn badly documented things and in the end it doesn''t work like it should.

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DTD's (Document Type Definition) are files which define what tags and atributes, and what values they can have.

Check out here for more information, this site also has info. on parsing XML with DOM and SAX with Xerces.

DTD Design

Edit: just realised that those tutorials for parsing XMl are in Java, but I'd say that the interface would be the same though.

My Site

[edited by - henrym on November 20, 2002 3:09:59 PM]

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