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object creation at runtime confusion

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If I am creating a whole load of objects, in this case spawning x file meshes from a text file, is the best way to go about this to declare a huge array of objects and fill the array with however many are stipulated in the file- this is what I am doing at the moment, it works fine, when the objects are initialised they add themselves to a linked list- or is there a better more dynamic way of doing this? Ideally I would like to create the objects on the fly, be there 3 or 300 of them described in the text file. Am I bound to use an array, declared to be the maximum amount of dx meshes i think will be in one scene? And I can''t go through the file once to determine the number of objects that I will need and then create an array of that size can I (here my c++ fails me) when you declare an array the compiler can''t handle that array not being specific when it compiles, am I right?

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use a pointer, and dynamically allocate the objects:
MyClass* DaList;
num = FindNumberOfObjectsInFile();
DaList = new MyClass[num+1];
for(int t = 0; t < num; ++t)
// ...
delete[] DaList;

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