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Problems with Spawning Enemies

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Okay, i am making a 3d version of SmashTV. I need the enemies to continue to come out of the 4 doors on each wall of the level until the final number of enemies are killed, ending the level. I have a door class and an enemy class. Each enemy is assigned a door, so say 5 have north door, 5 have south door and so on. When an enemy dies the go to the xy positon of that door and that doors enemy number is incrimented. When the enemy number for a door reaches its max, it opens. The enemies AI (when dead) is always checking to see if the door is open, and then it goes into released mode where it walks in a strait line until it is clear of the door, then it goes into attack mode. IS THERE ANY EASIER WAY TO DO THIS?? I will take any ideas, even if it involves starting the enemy spawning system from scratch, as the code for this method just keeps getting more complex as it goes. Especially when then i need to open doors independantly at the start of a level.

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