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multi-process mulit-monitor DX!!

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Is it possible to have a single pc with a dual head card running 2 DX apps on two seperate monitors? I''ve managed to write a DX app that will display on the 2 monitors. I need both of them to be fullscreen on each screen, and I''d prefer that there be 2 apps (so if one side goes boom, it doesn''t take down the other) "That''s not a bug, it''s a feature!" --me

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MultiHead cards are a special case of Multi Monitor.

Traditionally all the multi monitor stuff was for two absolutely separate cards each with their own driver, own video memory etc.

A multi-head card shares the memory & resources and the driver sorts out the access. So I''d say (never tested that situation though) that this would be HIGHLY driver dependent.

However - under the DX8 way of using multiple monitors, as you know you have to create a separate D3D device for each, so if it doesn''t "just work" then:

a) it could be an untested driver issue.

b) the two devices MIGHT require the *same* focus window which implies some sort of shared process.

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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