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script compiling to linked list...

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Hello! i want to create a realy simple script system. It need to be fast, but i dont want to compile to machine code. first i could parshe my script into bytecode, and then have alot of switch states, that selected the right action... BUT! wouldnt it be faster if i created a class for each function, and then linked listed them:
class Base{ 
      virtual void do_something(void)=0;
      Base *next;//set to 0 by constructor

class DoLookAtThing : public Base{
      short data_for_this_function;//set by constructor

      void do_something(void){
           //Look at thing

           if (next!=0){next->do_something();};
I think i need 100 - 200 commands, and all the data will be stored in the command class... (no need for variables) would this be fast? is there a better way to compile from script to functions?

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Use switch. As long as the switch values are sequential, it''ll be compiled into a fast lookup-table. Look up some CPU emulator sources for inspiration.

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