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PR JOint Effort Status?

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So where are we so far?? Darrin is gone ofr a week right??? I have been killing it at work so hopefully, I will be able to start working on thos samples c/c++ codes Anybody else?

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Well, it seems everybody has tken the last week off, including me, however I will post the download section this week, and also some vehicle models, I think is time to set who is doing what in the coding department.

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Hehe I guess so

Well for the coding part I think we should do the base thigns first like cameras lights, particles, etc... just like I sujested in the document I wrotte, if anybody even read it!

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I will try to get a minimum template of Land1 alongwith some more features Up. Can anyone do an Avi splash for DA.
I mean a rendered AVI file.
I have the feature already ..so we can use it right away.


Edited by - nat on 4/25/00 10:05:30 PM

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This will never work out....

Wea re all doing what ever we want, we must stop and all concentrate on the same thing!

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Guest Anonymous Poster
hmm... really, I disagree with you voodoo, what we need is that each one in the project is using his "talent" to contribute for the project, I agree with you that we need some kind of order per example who is going to do what, but I really dont think everybody should work on the same thing.
Dont lose your faith on us voodoo come on!

Thats exactly what I asked you, I did read your organization file, but I was asking who is going to do what...
Per example aparently due to job reasons, darrin will only be able to provide models, textures and landscapes (very good ones as you can see!) but he wont be able to provide large programming code. So most programming will have to be done by us.

Nat, voodoo have you got experience on TCP/IP winsock coding? I am trying to work on that one, and im building a mini network in my house for testing, but I really dont have too much experience.

I dropped dplay because is too slow for an internet action game. we could work with ipx, tcp/ip, any comments there?

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Basically .. we would be doing a server kinda networked game right. I am not that good and Winsock and Tcp/ip programming but I can tell .. we should have an interface like most of the Multi-player games .. and proably more

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What I mean is, we should hold of before doing anything and really decide what should be done!

I aggree that we should use the PR LAND1 demo as a template.
But first what we should establish, is the base and this way every body can work at same time....

First we must write a template code(wrapper functions) that will handle all PR functionality such, Init, Rendering pipeline, etc...

Maybe I can start of with that and at the same time NAT can maybe make the light class and AZREAL the camera class, this way we can all work independently from each other. Because while I right the PR Functionality code, others can use the xisting code to setup PR and test there classes from there... This is what modular coding is...

A while back we got into the debate whether or not mixing c & c++ can be done and it could... If we take Chrises PR C functions and wrap them up in our own C++ objects we can do it with out any problems. Also for ppl who think that C++ is more complicated, it''s not if your not going to use virtual functions and tempaltes and multiple inheritanse beyond 1 level etc... wich I dont think we will require them

PLEASE before anybody goes of codding anything or doing anything, lets maybe set up a chat on IRC so we can discuss things in real time

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Also, maybe it''s just me and I am beeing ANAL about it!

We should also, establish some standard form of doing things, especially for codding: Naming conventions, Commeting methods etc....

I am sure where greate coders... But no matter how good you are all people look at code differently some it takes longer to figure it some it take less

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Guest Anonymous Poster
You are right voodoo, we should stablish all that, I think it may be necessary to set up an IRC channel and a forum of our own. I will work on it right now.

Coding convention are necesary too. I think we can settle that here and then post the results in the webpage so everybody involved in the project can see it.

coding convention hmm... let me start with variables.

I try to make my variables names sweet and short
"c" for counters (c1,c2,c3,c4)
"t" for timers
"s" for strings
"x,y,z" for actual cordinates
"sx,sy" screen y, screen x
"ax, ay, az" aceleration
"vx,vy,vz" vectors
"v_name" vector
"e_name" entity
"sh_name" shape (so I dont get it confused
"f_name" file name
"cam" camera (camera name)
"cam_name" camera
temp temporary variable

Now what about this.

weapons system (yey!)
tcp/ip interface (I will need help on that one, probably outside assistence) winsock and IPX no DPLAY!
character system (1/2)

Lights system
Character system (2/2)
particle system

vehicle system (yey!)
save game system
Loading system

terrain system

Also I was thinking it is probably wise to assign points to each area, so if the product gets saled we can get a share.
each point equals 1% of the actual profits.

Coding 40 pts.
Modelling and Gfx (textures,models,terrains, animations,avi''s) 30 pts.
Sound and Music 20 pts.
Misc. (web design (darrin gets points there), documentation, marketting, deals, etc) 10 pts
=100 pts.

p.s. you only get points per used contributions.

What do you think?

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