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What do you think about a game like this?

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I. GENERAL INFORMATION 1. Slinger is a game where a man’s past returns to haunt him placing his family in the last situation he would ever want, danger. Jack “Slinger” Raynard past as a man for hire has suddenly been brought back to life when his family is kidnapped. The men who have kidnapped them have given Slinger till a certain date to erase the men they have listed. Slinger will race through levels spread throughout a city (Warehouse, Store, Mall, Skyscraper, Construction site, Docks etc.) looking for the men they want to be killed. 2. The action will take place in a 3rd person view, and the player will be able to use many types of weapons to kill the targets he is after. Many obstacles will come into play while he is after each target, IE: cops, fellow gang members, and pedestrians. Pedestrians who are killed will affect the score for the level which will range in a grade from A-F. If a level is not passed at a certain grade say B you will not be able to advance until you reach that mark. The player will be able to use a lock on feature to lock on to the target of desire, you will be able to lock on to multiple targets when using weapons that have a wide range attack, for example a shotgun, or holding a gun in each hand. You will also be able to use weapons like swords, throwing knives, and bombs. The player will have the ability to use healing items that come in first aid kits and bandages. The point of view will not shift except for certain situations when you come to a turn. Then you will be able to straighten the camera angle with just the press of a button. The camera will also pan out as more enemies enter the screen, as well their will be an indicator at the top of the screen showing how many enemies are present. When an enemy is dispatched the marker will disappear. When all enemies have been dispatched all the markers will be gone. Boss fights are different and will be held in some what confined spaces. The bosses you face will have their health points displayed using a bar. Once a boss is defeated you will be given either more of the total story or a new weapon to use. As you progress through the game the enemies will become tougher to dispatch and the amount of enemies on screen will begin to increase. II. DETAILED GAME DESCRIPTION 1. Basic Concept – Your must find and eliminate the targets given in order to get your family back before they are killed. 2. Background Story – Jack “Slinger” Raynard was a fast riser on the mean streets of Kremlin city. He was the number one man to go to when you needed someone removed no questions asked. Jack got the nickname Slinger from killing men different ways. Jacks background in combat stretches through a stint in the Marines, as well his studies with a leading Clan of Ninjas in Japan. Jack thought his life was all set with the money and fast women he met everyday. But on a day when his target was the leading drug dealer in Kremlin city, he accidentally killed a bystander during the shooting. He eventually found out the bystander was a young girl, and from there gave up his love for death. He eventually would settle down and marry having one child. But some gang leaders never were able to come up with a replacement for Slinger, one mobster needed help badly and searched for jack relentlessly. He found him and his new life outside Kremlin city. The mobster knew of a way to bring back Slinger to the business. He kidnapped his wife and daughter and held them for ransom. Not for money but for contracts he wanted completed. This story is not that linear in aspect, but you will go around trying to eliminate gang leaders, mob leaders and even high ranking corrupt police officers. One aspect of the story where it relates to the game is when you kill a bystander you will have a less likely chance of going to the next level. The more bystanders you keep alive the more secret modes open as you play through the game. 3. Objective – You must complete the contracts within a time limit. You will go through a stage racing the clock to finish the contract up. Once the contract is finished you will be given another to complete. The least amount of time used up results in a higher score that will later lead to secrets found in the game. Each contract will have a different aspect about them. Therefore you must get rid of them in different ways. You will also face a horde of enemies as you try and get to the target. If you do not complete the contract in time your family will be executed. Completing contracts will lead to secrets such as hidden levels, hidden weapons, and hidden playable characters. You will also get to see Slinger in full act as he goes around with no regret and full of attitude trying to get his family back. 4. Gameplay – Game play will consist of the player able to walk or run as he attacks enemies with guns or hand held weaponry. The player will be able to use a LockOn feature that will help in dispatching enemies. The player will have multiple button commands to access inventory quicker, like if you wanted to use your throwing knives on the fly you can just press one of the corresponding buttons and you will be able to throw one, or multiple knives at targets. As well with bombs, these can be customized to which ever you would like. You will also be able to scan through the weapons you have and choose them quickly and easily on the fly as well. Their will be reloading animations in the game to make it almost real, but you can reload anytime you want with just the press of a button. The enemy AI will be starting at a low level and slowly rising at the end. The farther you get in the game the smarter you enemies become. They will hide behind projectiles, and not run towards you all the time. The point of view as mentioned before will be 3rd person, and the main game play will be action heavy. Meaning you will run around killing as many enemies as possible but trying not to endanger the lives of the innocents. Copyright RuffNecK Software I know some might say i am ripping off other games but to me its just borrowing from some and making use of original ideas in certain key parts of the game.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
So then why you put "copyright" underneath it?
I hate to bust your bubble, but you can''t copyright some ideas you scraped together. Besides that, the concept seems quite cliche and resembles some MaxPayne/Hitman crossing.
These games are also impossible to be produced by a limited team.

So my advice to you would be: try to come up with a simple story that is suitable for a game within your ability. Then produce it.
It also has no use to create an epic theme for a tic-tac-toe game if you know what I mean.
Seriously, everybody has a good story for a game.

Good luck with your writing.
Meant as constructive advice.

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I like the story a bit. However, I wouldn''t want to play as this badass character if I was being pushed around by dipshit mobsters. Maybe I would do a few hits for them, and when I found out they weren''t going to give me my family back, I would turn on them and hunt them down.

Did you see "The Road to Perdition"... it has a relevant story.

I like the idea of opening "secret stages" based on how few well you do within each level, but within the story... if you didn''t like killing people, you might want to go through fewer stages. (does that make sense?)

The idea of opening new stages cause you didn''t kill some innocent people doesn''t directly link up with the story.

- there ya go

- Jason

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