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(Brief) Plan for WWII "side viewaction" game

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Hey all I''ve been thinking about writing a game, and so far it sounds like it might be pretty fun. I obviously have some things to work out, but I was want to throw it out and see if anyone has thoughts/ideas/suggestions/criticisms about the basic premise of the game: - Players will be able to move different units on a square, grided map. Every turn, players will receive cash based on the mumber of control points they control (cities, perhaps?) and can then purchase units. There will be a variety, including different types of tanks, planes, ships, infantry, etc... Movement and unit control will be turn based. This part of the game is quite similar to Advance Wars (and other Wars games I suppose) on GBA. Actually, I think this is the system a lot of war games use (albeit simplified ) - However, if an enemy unit (or units) move to a space occupied by an enemy, the side scrolling element of the game comes into play. You can choose which unit to send in your battle, and your opponent can defend with one. What really inspired me here is a game called "Island Wars" (do a Google search if interested) Think the classic "Tank-Wars" formula, but in real-time, and with the ability to move as well. I am still debating whether or not to allow all units to enter a given location, and have the AI control the rest (I doubt I have sufficient skill at this point to do so ) Anyway, the battles will be quite fun I think; planes, ships, tanks, infantry, all involved (though one at a time, unless I decide otherwise) I think there is a lot of potential here. - There will be some elements of base building as well. Players can level terrain, add bunkers, machine guns, naval guns, runways, AA guns, etc... It won''t be that complicated, but position of these accessories will be essential, as they will play a large role in the side view "skirimishes". Any thoughts on this? Anyone tried anything similar, or know of a game like "Island Wars"? I''m interested in hearing any thoughts about this, thanks :D Peon

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