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Please help me test my game

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Hi everyone. I''m having a problem with my soon-to-be-completed game demo. I cannot replicate the error on my machine, so I thought perhaps somebody out there can... According to the person I spoke with today, when he ran my game, he was able to make it through the title and configuration screens without any problems. However, upon selecting "Play," the game crashed without warning. Again, I cannot replicate this error on my own machine (Intel 2.4GHz, WinXP, GeForce2, DirectX 8.1, 256 MB RAM). By the way, his machine had the following specs: Intel P4, WinXP, DX8.1, GeForce 4, 128 MB RAM. If you have a few minutes, please download my game and try it out. If you experience this or similar errors, please e-mail me the game''s log file (it''s in the same directory as the executable and has the filename "log.txt"). This will help me greatly to track down the error. The game can be downloaded from my portfolio website: www.fivestory.com/projects/game. Click on the "Download" button to go to the downloads page. My e-mail address is njohnson@fivestory.com. Thanks in advance for anyone who can help. I appreciate it!! --Neil. ---------------------- Check out my game demo and resume at www.fivestory.com/projects/game.

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I downloaded it and played it with no trouble at all:

test machine specs..
Athlon 700, 256Mb RAM, Win ME, GeForce2 GTS, Nvidia detenator drivers v4.13.01.3082

Nice job!

- Matt

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