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Not sure where to begin. . .

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This is going to sound really odd Im sure, and Im not sure how to word exactly what Im thinking so dont be suprised if this makes no sense I would like to run 1 or more application programs inside an openGL fullscreen window. Heres what Ive been thinking ''might'' work, however Im not sure if this can be done, which is why Im asking in the first place. I create a fullscreen window, and set the color to black(or whatever color/texture). And then load(and embed them into the texure) four other windows inside the openGL window(popup style so they contain no borders) and have them to run applications, or animation. Which leads to my next question...can I even run an application from a openGL window(or in this case, an app from a window inside and openGl window) Im really confused here, as you can tell. Im not used to working with windows, and dont know whats possible and what is not. And mouse events are boggling me as well. I realize that openGl is mostly used for 3d things, and this is leaning more towards 2d but because of the nature of what the design team had in mind for this app, 3d accleration is a must to keep 4 active windows from lagging to 2fps Please respond if you can understand what Im asking and tell me if it is possible, and if you happen to know any books or sites that would help explain working with windows better that would be great too thanks,

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hrm...i guess I want to do a nice GUI in opengl mode....

click events, sliders, menus, and multiple windows running stanard .exe''s ..

A openGL GUI shell so to speak...

make sense?

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