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3d_engine mods vs. scenegraphs

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Hi, OK, here''s what I''m doing... I''m going to get some people together at college to create a video game, i.e. VR gfx club (something like that) Should I use the Q3 engine or get a quality scenegraph organizer? I''ve used scenegraph''s before but never used a full engine. I like to have control of the graphics, to do special effects such as bumpmapping, radiosity, pixel shading, etc. I''ve traditionally made simple demos but if I use an engine do I lose the ability to control all of this? The other issue is that it might be faster to create a final project using an engine. Things like collision detection, file loading, scripts, all take mucho time.Any thoughts would be helpful, maybe there''s an engine which allows openGL calls or addons? thanks!

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I highly doubt you''ll have the chance to use the Q3 engine unless you have $250,000 and you are a well known development company with at least one or two gold products that are well known.

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Quake 1
Quake 2
Crystal Space
Panard Vision
3D Game Studio
Demeter Terrain
The Nebula Device
Reality Factory

I probably missed a few good ones though.. just can''t name them all off the top of my head. About 90% of those engines are open source and free/gpl.

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I''m in a similar position to you. I''m also in university trying to make a game. I''ve been doing some research and I think we''re going to use the Torque engine. It''s $100 american per programmer, and it has a great community following. If you want to check it out www.garagegames.com has lots of info. It was the same engine used to develop Tribes 2, so it is definately commercial quality code. Good luck in whatever you decide use though.

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