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3D Principles....

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I have the honor of presenting a seminar at my university on 3D Programming. What I need to know is where I can get some really good sources for finding out what goes on behind the scenes. It''s one thing to introduce an API such as OpenGL and show what it can do application wise, but that doesn''t really help a person understand what is really going on. I need detailed information dealing with lighting algorithms, texture mapping algorithms, the linear algebra that is applied and where, collision detection algorithms, and anything else you could possibily think of pertaining to the 3D application aspects on the level of Concepts and Principles. The more technical and math oriented the better. Please no references to pages that are strictly tutorials (code wise) on how to add some sort of functionality to a program. If I wanted that I could simply pull things off of NeHe.

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I think what jtpalinmajere needs is a book on graphics principles, rather than something that deals specifically with realtime rendering.

This should help


The book is

Introduction to Computer Graphics
by Foley, van Dam.

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