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The *fastest* way to do Blit.

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Hello. This is my first post here. I'am in process of developing the pure 2D engine. My problem is: I can't find the right(mean the fastest) way to do blits. Should I use DirectX BitBlt, or my own asm routines or combine them : for example draw 1 image with graphics card(big) and the other one(big) with CPU concurrently(clipping should be used here)? Should I forget the use of software blitting because it is 10 times slower compared with the modern hardware blitting? Should I use rect clipping or don't bother with it - maybe the graph CPU is so fast that it is faster to simply redraw all images according their Z position and don't bother doing clipping in software? Should I use software alpha blending or use Direct3D funcs to do blend? Thanks! -Dimonic- Edited by - Dimonic on 4/25/00 8:56:36 AM

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I suggest you look at this post. Basically the same question.



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Yes, Mike, I forgot about the compiled sprites, but they have some limitations however - you can not draw
some part of the sprite for example - well maybe can, if to
modify code on a fly.

Also you can not align properly with compiled sprites unless you have 4(8) copies of the same bitmap.

And you can not take advantage of the hardware blitting with them.

So for most tasks hybrid RLE is the best.
For most, not all.

But what concerns me most is that hardware blitting could
do much faster than any software one.

With my card - ET6000 - software blitting and hardware
working in parellel is the best solution.
Hardware blitting has a big overhead - it takes many CPU cycles to draw one pixel with it.
On ET6000 hardware blitting beats sofware when the size of the image is more than 1024 bytes.
But it's only ET6000 and I guess that the last generation
video cards do much, much better.

Does anyone put some tests on it - sofware vs hardware 2D blitting?

And is it faster to use Direct3D to blit sprites(through triangles)?



Edited by - Dimonic on 4/25/00 11:53:05 AM

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