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VB6 and Macromedia Flash

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this is a game dev related so pls hear me out, So I''ve been able to import my Flash movie user interface onto a VB6 form, but as the movie url I have to give an address of the url, a net address. How can I make it so the movie loads from the directory where the VB apps was started (locally)? Can I go as far as making flash load other forms? (would simply putting the VB code in the button''s Click behavior do the trick?), this would really help me create some kick ass User Interfaces for my projects... thanks in advance, onepaul Totalgl3

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I''ve done something like this before.... to load other movies you just set the movie property of the flash control.

To send events to VB you use the GetURL method of the flash movie and it''ll fire an event in VB which you can handle.... something like that.

Look in your Flash CD or where you installed Flash, somewhere in there is a directory with a VB sample of how you use flash with VB.

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