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Job interview quizes

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I heard that at some job interviews the interviewer will test your programming skills. Does anybody know any examples of these, or know if this is true or not. (I would think the questions would be about C++ syntax or something) Thanks a lot

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Well if you count an interview for an internship as being a real interview--they told me to write a program to run a traffic stoplight, using any language. Now I don''t know about you but my first impression was, "this is a trick, they want me to think of every possibility." So that''s what I did. Funny thing that I haven''t heard from them since.

BTW, I actually didn''t mind not getting the internship.


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Guest Anonymous Poster
I went through tons of interviews after graduating though not with game companies =/ Some did ask technical questions rather than just trust the degree. They were mainly basic questions though. Things like write a linked list implementation, sort itm etc. Also, lots of questions on OO. Advantages/disadvantages to using C++ vs C. What I like about Java. Basically if it is on your resume it is definitely fair game.

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Ive been asked questions like: Give an example of an SQL statement, name some assembler registers... stuff like that
Basicly theyve asked me some very basic questions about the stuff ive written in my CV. Just to check if im a fake i guess. No problem unless u havent been completely honest.

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I''ve had interviews with no technical questions at all, and I''ve had one (my game job) that gave me a large written test (started easy, then got crazy. And I started it around lunch time, so I was starving by the time I finished it ).

Generally, interviewers want to give you questions to test if you know what you claim to know. If its on your resume, you better know it. Or admit early in the interview that you''ve played with it, but don''t know it too well. Avoid getting busted on stuff you claimed to know.

My favorite question to ask is "From 1-10, where do you rate your C/C++/some API/.... skills". Never answer 10. 8 or above, and I''m going to try and burn you. I test more for honesty. If you have a good understanding of what you know and what you don''t, you have high potential. Anyone who says they are a C/C++/.... master, is a newbie. If you''re good, you know enough to know you don''t know everything.

As for questions, I agree most are general data structure (link lists) or algorithm questions. I personally am weak at on the spot algorithm Q''s. If its a written test I can do it, but oral ones are brutal (luckily I only had that once). Depending on the position, other questions are:

-Explain polymorphism.
-How would you implement complex numbers in C++ (encasulation)
-What''s the difference between system and library function calls.
-explain pointer arithmetic

Here''s one I got nailed on in my second interview.

If I declare something like int a:1, int b:3, int g:1 in a struct, what am I doing? (My interviewer didn''t ask it well, but I wouldn''t have gotten it then anyways).

Just don''t lie or overextend yourself. I personally get offended when people try to put something over on me.


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Guest Anonymous Poster

If you ever setup an interview over the phone, remember to have a pen and paper
ready to write the questions down afterwards. I''ve had two interviews over the
phone, and so far I''ve gotten at most 10 questions.

THESE ARE ACTUAL QUESTIONS. Some are easy. Some require a little memorization.

1. What are the new and the delete operators?
2. What do inline functions do?
3. What is the difference between a pointer and a reference?
4. What are the disadvantages of multiple inheritance?
5. What is this()?
6. What is a const variable? a const pointer? a const function?
7. What is static variable? Difference between a global variable?
8. What are virtual functions?
9. What are try-catch-throw statements and how do you use them?


1. Explain the compilation process from start to finish. What do the
pre-processor, compiler, and linker do?
2. What do you think about header files inside of other header files?
3. How would you know if there was an infinite loop inside your
4. What is a bug? Why are there so many bugs in software?
5. Do you use the debugger? What for?
6. How would you speed up your program? When searching million of files?
7. Is there such a thing as a specification bug?
8. How would you prefer to find a bug? From the compiler, the linker,
the QA tester, or the customer?
9. Can the pre-processor generate and catch errors?
10. What is a static variable? How is it different from a global
variable? Can you use it across functions in the same module?
<this seems like a popular question. I get it all the time>

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