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Texture Mapping Help wanted urgently

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I have loaded a 3D terrain from a .x file using D3D. I have a texture map associated with and hence I have created a texture surface in 32 bit format ( I am using 32 bit mode ). I have the dimensions for the texture file as 1024 * 1024 (while the actual size of texture image is 800 * 600. I did this because I read that textures do no normally render if the dimensions are not to the power of 2). And before begin scene I am calling the SetTexture function - lpD3DDevice->SetTexture(0, CountyTexture); The problem is the model gets loading and rendered to the screen but the texture does not show up. I am been struggling with this for the entire day. Can anyone help me on this and let me know what could be the possible problems. Thanks in Advance Arun

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Hello again,

There are lots of reasons why this may be happening, but here are just a couple...

Try checking if the texture is lost, then restore it, before the start of the scene..

if (lpCountyTexture->IsLost()==DDERR_SURFACELOST)

How does your texture loading routine work? It may be worth re-saving the texture in 16bit, then opening up a 16bit mode..

The texture may be just too big. I read somewhere Voodoo cards don''t like textures over 256x256 (that was old info though, so it prolly won''t apply to VoodooII?) Try scaling the texture down to 256x256 in your paint program.

How have you generated the x file? If you''ve used the Conv3ds utility, try using the -x -m switches.

Anyway, try all of the above and every possible permuatation



Check out my project at: www.btinternet.com/~Matthew.Bennett

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Hi there. Here is a list of reasons why D3D fails to render a texture:

1) Texture dimensions are too big.
Check the D3DDEVICEDESC7.dwMaxTextureWidth and the D3DDEVICEDESC7.dwMaxTextureHeight

2) Unsupported texture format. The only way to find out if the driver supports the format you are trying to create, is to enumerate all the texture formats with the IDirect3DDevice7->EnumTextureFormats method.

One of those is probably the problem.

take care

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Thanks for the help guys.

I finally got the Texture loaded. The problem was that since I was using CD3DFile, the SetTexture, which I call is getting nullified by a call to SetTexture inside the Render function of CD3DFile object.


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