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Sander Aerts

Redefinitions of variables in my .h's, when using ifndef

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Hi all, I have i problem that my linker is bugging me about redefintions of vars in the file globals.h, but i have a ifndef in the file to check if the header is already loaded or not but this doesn''t seem to work very well You can see the header on : http://www.drsnugels.nl/piemel/globals.h I hope somebody can take a look @ it and give me some advice in here, i am almost getting nuts right now. ------ With kind regards, Sander Aerts

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Hrm... I think I had a similar problem awhile back... not sure exactly what I did about it though. Could you post the compiler error log?

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Make a globals.cpp and put the variable definitions in it. Then change all the definitions you had in it to have extern in front of them. So...

HWND hWnd;
HINSTANCE hInstance;
bool active;
bool keystrokes[256];
gl_options gl_init_opt;

goes in the cpp file and you change them to

extern HGLRC hRC;
extern HDC hDC;
extern HWND hWnd;
extern HINSTANCE hInstance;
extern bool active;
extern bool keystrokes[256];
extern gl_options gl_init_opt;

in the globals.h file.
[NOTE: you will need to include windows.h and gl.h in the cpp file]

The system you have set up prevents the header from being included multiple times in the same file (like through another file that also includes globals.h) but not if two separate files include it.

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Ok thank you guys for the input!, i will try it tommorow morning.


With kind regards,

Sander Aerts aka DrSnugels

mov ax, 013h; int 10h; mov ax, 0xa000h;
mov es, ax; mov di, 3360; mov al, 15;
stosb; mov ax, 0002h; int 21h;
mov ax, 03h; int 10h;

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