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Neural Net Code

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I am a beginner programmer in Windows programming in C with Direct X. My first game is in the game contest called The Tailgater. The AI needs more work on that game (that''s for sure) For my next project, I want to incorporate some AI (neural nets, fuzzy logic, fuzzy neural net, genetic algorithms, etc.). I''m not sure yet what kind of game it will be, so I am asking you for ideas if you have any. I wonder if a game like mortal combat would be appropriate, or perhaps a space adventure game with traders that learn how to trade better as the game goes along. Of course, anything I make will be free gratis (i''m not a professional game programmer anyhoo and I borrow a lot of free music off the net). I have a neural net structure in C I wrote and you are welcome to it if you like this sort of thing as I do. It is a simple feedforward, backprop network (fully connected). You can easily establish the number of input, output, and hidden nodes. Also, it wouldn''t be difficult to alter the code to make it non-fully connected. I used the sigmodal activation function, but you can change that also if you wanted. Just email me or I''ll check the posts and possibly email you the code if your interested. Perhaps, it''s too slow of a learner (you can specify the learning rate though). Perhaps, it would be better to train it offline first and then train from there as the game progresses... Free gratis of course. Adios Amigos

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