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The BIG list

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I tried this once on a different forum and it worked nicely. What I would like you to do is list any QUALITY sites devoted to programming, game design, graphics design, web design, ect. aimed at newbies. Then later maybe we can compile them into one big list. I'll start off: http://www.programmersheaven.com/ - explains itself http://www.hotscripts.com/ - lots of scripts/programs http://www.w3schools.com/ - web design http://www.cplusplus.com/ - C++ http://www.allapi.net/ - VB but mostly using API in VB http://www.flipcode.com/ - game dev http://web.ict.nsc.ru/~cancel/prwin/ - C & win32 http://www.analogx.com - lots of system tools, programming tools, ect. http://www.webhostingtalk.com - one of best forums I've seen. Webhosting, webdesign, programming, you name it. and of course, http://www.gamedev.net - dont even ask [edited by - radix3d on November 30, 2002 12:11:18 AM]

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General programming resources:

Postmortems are an especially interesting feature, and one (I believe) gamedev.net once hoped to launch.

Sun''s foremost Java site; beginners and more advanced users would find the various forums and tutorials useful.

Complete with game, general development, and Windows discussion forums along with quick concept tutorials and a link directory.


Core Windows resources:

This is a given.

Two of the most popular beginner''s Windows development tutorials; Sunlight''s also dabbles in a little DirectX.

The networking block:

The Winsock Programmer''s FAQ, which contains archives of valuable information nicely categorized for programmers of all skill levels. Also features a collection of helpful network-related articles, including scaling firewalls, the infamous lame list, and so on.

Beej''s Guide to Network Programming and Johnnie''s Winsock Tutorial, two Winsock-oriented tutorials geared towards the network novice, but offering tidbits of advanced information along the way.

Web development sites:

Staple of PHP development.

Perhaps the very first of the HTML tutorial sites, run by Joe Burns himself (though you''ll inevitably notice Earthweb''s overbearing presence).

A wide variety of articles covering everything from page layout to designing a backend twisted with a healthy amount of humor.

RapscallionGL - arriving soon.

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www.GarageGames.com -- A rather nice place. When registered...

The past was unknown, the future was predicted.

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