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Per-pixel lighting

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Well, the best one I''ve found is Mark J. Kilgard''s bumpmapping tutorial over at developer.nvidia.com. It covers everything (and I do mean everything) you''ll need to know to implement dot3 bumpapping, which is pretty much the best way of doing per-pixel lighting in OpenGL. You''ll have to search to find it (I''ve just had a look, and I can''t seem to find it. It''s always the same. I have to search for this document for about 10 minutes before I find it), but it''s well worth getting. It teaches the history of bumpmapping (ie. how Blinn, the guy who invented it, devised it), and then how to set up register combiners on nvidia graphics cards to create the bumpmapping effect.

You''ll probably need to read through it quite a few times before you understand it, and don''t be worried if you can''t understand how the bumpmapping calculation is derived at the top. I was told by my college lecturers when I asked them that I''d need to be halfway through a university maths degree course to figure them out. You don''t need to understand explicitly how bumpmapping works to use it, it''s just good to have some kind of idea...

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