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Some thoughts on design...

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Hi there! I''ve just read the thread about project design - and found it quite funny, most answer were about how you should use C++ classed with pure virtual interfaces. Well, sure it''s no harm in doing so - but it seems a bit overkill when you''re writing a simple Tetris clone or whatever. I believe in designing before coding - but the design goals should match the project - not the other way around. I started coding around when Chris Hargroove posted the awsome coding columns at Loonygames (i believe there are copies here at GameDev) - he used a simple interface style - you divide your project in to resusable code interfaces (like the DirectX wrapper many of you probably write everytime you start coding). You probably won''t change much of the basic DirectDraw or even OpenGl code you''ve done. When a new DirectX version - just upgrade the COM objects, and since you''re going to keep the project specific video/input/sound code separate - you''ll have fresh upgraded project skeleton everytime you write a app. I mostly code demos - not games, and as you probably know democoders don''t produce the cleanest code in the world - but nowadays I have complete demo engine based OpenPTC (www.gaffer.org) which gets updated once in while - but still is used for all of my groups projects. I''ve talked with some of the members in my coding group and we are probably going to quit making demos - so we''ll probaly hand out our demo engine code to those who want it. It''s quite fresh - uses DirectInput, Fmod (www.fmod.org) and of course the Ptc lib. Mail me at babar82@emaila.nu if you want it… I don''t really check out the GameDev site anymore - but when I started coding, it was invalueable - all the tutorials and stuff you could download, all the stuff on the messagebord. Much credit to the guys/girls behind the site - it''s really great. - Long live the code, Babar Zafar

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A Tetris clone can be coded, shipped, packaged and released in your local software store''s markdown bin within a week... design doesn''t matter here any more than it would in a hello world program.


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