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ok, so how do i start with tetris???

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hi all, this is my first post and i''m fresh into game development in C/C++. i do have a lot of "scripting" experience as far as ASP, HTML, javascript and ColdFusion, and app experience with VB. that said, after reading the beginners stuff, i want to get started on tetris and move up, but i dont know where to start. are there any tutorials for tetris itself in C++? should i just get a compiler and do "trial and error"? any help will be greatly appreciated! thanks!

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First thing I suggest you do is take some notes about what you plan to do. I like to do it in notepad because it''s just really fast. Here is a list that I suggest you write about...

Write about what it is going to be. Be rather basic/rough if your game is going to be fairly small (like yours is).

Why you are making it. Keep things basic.

Write a list of what you want your game to do. For example: Blocks fall from top of screen onto other fallen blocks. Score is taken, player controls blocks falling with arrow keys... etc. Be very detailed about this one.

Go through the list you created and write about how you plan to accomplish every single point taken. I suggest, if you are starting from scratch, you make a bunch of different applications encorporated different parts of the game that you''ll need. For example: The first game I made was Pong in VB about 3 years ago. I had to write some code to make a sprite move around the screen, some engine to write text on a device context, play sounds, etc. You should complete all of these small engines before you start your game. This will make it SOOO much easier. And I mean SOOOOOOOO much easier...

This section is where you write how your game will load, how the game loop will look, and how to finish up. All this in PLAIN ENGLISH. Example: Update block positions, add points, etc.

Extra Stuff:
This section is made for extra ideas that come to your mind. Just write up crazy ideas in here. And come back to them when you are completely done the basis of your game. Right now, don''t worry about it though.

So, once you are done writing up that document, my personal suggestion is that you start making up those engines that you talked about in the design section. I''m not saying make a whole engine for your game. I''m saying make small engines to give you a basis to work from when you start your game. Do this by making small applications to make and test the engine you are currently creating. These small engines will later on be useful on your game #2 .

I hope this has helped anyone that reads it. It really helped me. Making those small engines really help.

"Life moves pretty fast. If you don''''t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it."
- Ferris Bueller

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First things first...

If you plan on using graphics, write some code that can draw a graphic to the screen.

The write some code that moves the graphic around the screen.

Then write some code that lets you move the graphics using the keyboard / mouse.

See the pattern? One small step at a time.

This will probably be the hardest part (if you''re new to programming), but the rest shoul be easy.


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Nice system RPG...

- Rob Loach
OverTech Technologies
"Life moves pretty fast. If you don''t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it."
- Ferris Bueller

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