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Eular Rotation Matrix

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I'm transforming coordinates into an opengl matrix:
	float cx, cy, cz, sx, sy, sz;

	cx = (float) cos((double) g_pCamera->m_Rotation3fv[0]);
	cy = (float) cos((double) g_pCamera->m_Rotation3fv[1]);
	cz = (float) cos((double) g_pCamera->m_Rotation3fv[2]);

	sx = (float) sin((double) g_pCamera->m_Rotation3fv[0]);
	sy = (float) sin((double) g_pCamera->m_Rotation3fv[1]);
	sz = (float) sin((double) g_pCamera->m_Rotation3fv[2]);

	matrix[ 0] = cy * cz;
	matrix[ 1] = sx * sy * cz - cx * sz;
	matrix[ 2] = cx * sy * cz + sx * sz;
	matrix[ 3] = 0.f;

	matrix[ 4] = cy * sz;
	matrix[ 5] = sx * sy * sz + cx * cz;
	matrix[ 6] = cx * sy * sz - sx * cz;
	matrix[ 7] = 0.f;

	matrix[ 8] = - sy;
	matrix[ 9] = sx * cy;
	matrix[10] = cx * cy;
	matrix[11] = 0.f;

	matrix[12] = g_pCamera->m_Position3fv[0];
	matrix[13] = g_pCamera->m_Position3fv[1];
	matrix[14] = g_pCamera->m_Position3fv[2];
	matrix[15] = 1.f;
Rotation around the x and y axis works perfectly, but the z axis rotation only works correctly when the camera faces down the world z axis. Otherwise the more the angle deviates from the world z-axis the more the rotation changes from a z-rotation to an x rotation. Is there a flaw in my math? [edited by - MindCode on December 2, 2002 4:31:16 PM]

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some things to check:

- order that you do the rotations, i think the typical order is y,x,z
- are you storing your matrix in row or column order? if your storing in row order and then sending this off to OpenGL things will be screwy as gl uses column ordered matricies. just try transposing and see if that fixes the problem.

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