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VB and menus - yeh, for work...

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Evening all, I am having a problem trying to resize the menus in VB (6.0). It seems to me that there is no way to change the size of the menu or its buttons. I am trying to port an old system to be suitable for use with a touch screen in a factory, so I''d like to make the menus larger so they are easier to traverse. Can anyone offer any help on this? Thanks, Steele.

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The easiest way might just be to write your own menus. Actually, since this is a touch screen application, it would probably be even better if you used lots of buttons and had them all visible at once, but I''m no designer, so here is how I would go about it:

1) Somehow find the hWnd of the menu. There is a function in the SDK whichi will return the hWnd of something given a coordinate on the screen. So if you pass it the coordinate of the mouse/finger, then it will hopefully give you a starting point.

2) Look around for an API call which resizes a window. Check www.vbapi.com - it will probably have one lying around. Otherwise just browse the API viewer and look for anything promising.

Also, have a look at websites like www.planet-source-code.com for their examples of menu manipulation. They are good for gimmicks and stuff, so you will probably be able to find stuff which will say add pictures to menu items. That should give you a pretty good lead on the types of API calls you will need.

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