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Procedural Terrain (not texturing)

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Most things I''ve found on the internet concerning procedural terrain only describe texturing it. I can''t find anything really describing how to render procedural terrain with Perlin Noise or some disturbance function. I''m creating infinite terrain, so that certain parts of the landscape are generated on the fly with noise. What''s the best way to do this? Am I going to have to lock the vertex buffer every frame? I can use vertex shaders. In fact, an approach with vertex shaders is preferred. Right now I have a patch of terrain 512x512 vertices affected by Perlin Noise, and then given a slightly spherical effect (so that if you stand in the middle, (256,256) you can''t see the edges). If you walk forward, should I delete vertices behind you and generate more in front of you? or.. how do I incorporate the power of vertex shaders in here? or.. should I just buy the book "Texture and Modeling: A Procedural Approach" . Thanks for the advice!

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