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Tiberian Sun Dialog Boxes

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Does anyone know what way is best for creating dialog boxes like in many games such as Tiberian Sun''s SAVE GAME, LOAD GAME, OPTIONS, RESUME GAME dialog box? While the box is active I should still be able to see the rest of the game screen around it. I wish to have as much control on the texture the dialog has, etc. Also how do I do check boxes with this? Please help.

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You're welcome! I know John Carmack... he wants to help you make a 3D Engine. Are you interested??

Let me know,

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There are for me two types

1) Functions that need to take over the whole process. What I''ve done for that is to create a function that has
its own painting and keychecking functions

while (MessageBoxExist())
int nResult = CheckForWindowsKeys();
if (nResult == EXITHERE) break;

2) A pretty box that shows the choices

other screen stuff
if (pMessageBox->Exists()) pMessageBox->Display();

In this one you create the box somewhere else with a list of choices

if (!pMessageBox == NULL ) pMessageBox = ListBox(LinkedListOfStuff, PosX, PosY);

For checked boxes you''re going to have to store and retrieve the info somewhere. WHere is the information stored?

There''s also an article on the GameDev.Net about C++ and Interfaces

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